Monday, March 9, 2015

Journal of a marooned sailor 3

By the gods, today i was going to make a martyr of myself and leave this island of hunger to the one beyond. The necessities; food and water had vanished to the insatiable bowels and a loaded gun was the remaining loyal subject. Say, i should journey to hades by self inflicted fire, destroy the ants and non- living remnats around my new niche - my reward could be 16 virgins in the heaven of the gods.
Flock of birds flew above, their mockery embedded in their hums. They were watching and waiting for thw dying man last earthly choice. They were selfish- they could help, fly into the forest and bring foods, but they waited. My death will serve a purpose.
On my fathers name, i shall not give in to their mockery nor die for their purpose. My choice will be made in solitude and not with their mocking lullaby .
I picked a stone to chase them from my sight. The gods gave a sign, two birds fell. They made agonizing sounds which formed a word to my ears; HOPE

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Journal of a marooned sailor 2

I was lying down on my fronds, my mosquitoes was playing well and the body was a good host- entertaining and not complaining. There she arrived, the body carved naturally- a first class student of God might have been the sculptor. To my story, she came towards the lying man; I. Her cloth all revealing, a blouse that shows her complete bra, her nipples poking merrily from the busty chest. There I laid, she dropped something and bend to take, I was amazed at the details I could see without paying. This is the island I should be. My manliness was poking from underneath, could I hold it before she comes ? By heaven! Save me, should this seeds come before her, I will be in eternal damnation. And I did.
I woke with a start, a wet dream at this stage? The gods must be having a good time. Two days in the island and the body is living in a fantasy of a female.
If I ever made it out of here, the world would have turn to Adam and Eve era, the present world is a city of nudity where ladies roam the street revealing  close assets in an open market. Mum said, "your body is the Lord's temple". Whatever she meant, no good man could be with these. Well, people like me could always enjoy a wet sleep.
Hunger sets in

Friday, March 6, 2015

Journal of a marooned sailor

Yesterday was my marooned day- mark it on your calendar, for it may be hard for my castaway mind to remember. The prime mover of my being marooned is simple; my mind was not in the same frequency as my fellows. My cogent arguments and eloquence could not save the life worth a loaded gun, jar of water and bread. In two days, the owner of this island will put a bullet into his brain to avoid the hunger games.
To yesterday, I had found me a palm tree with shade and slept from dusk to dawn. The lullaby from my friends with wings made my first night memorable, my friend-mosquito came with his families, their songs and serving rate could not prevent my long night nap.
How could I have slept? Oblivious of my surrounding? I woke with a start, clearly making sense of the things I should have made effort to know first; my environment. Habituation should have been my first point of action, yet like others I slept. My memory swayed to home where people have neglected the utmost; with the spirit of laziness and procrastination, most of the dreams are 6foot under the feet.  My friend at home is a footballer, for ten years he has been training on different weather conditions, braving himself for hard trials of football clubs. Not that he is a player with talent- the little he knows is developed from continual efforts. At 24, he is still dreaming of being a professional footballer- dreams die hard, really?
My stomach grunted at my inability to provide its food, but alas! The breads were covered with ants, with an unknown patience; I recovered the breads from its captors. The unanswered questions popped up again? How could I sleep in an environment like this? I stood up, clear my frond-bed, clean the environment and sat down feeling satisfied. The wind was blowing well, my body wept for joy and again, I slept. Feeling hungry, I woke up and the ants were back. I changed my environment.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Battles are won with the killings of the commanding officer or by cutting off the enemies supplies. The death of the queen bee will make it subject become disorganized, when a  battle strategist is killed, the soldiers morales will definitely be thwarted. You can't stop a tree by cutting off its branches.
Nigeria army in the past weeks have successfully recovered the lost town and killed many boko haram soldiers, but like most battles , killing the enemy army might only cause them to retreat and recuperate unless the roots are destroyed .
In 2009 when Yusuf was killed - the first leader before the Shekau, I told the ones that care to listen that Boko haram will rise again and they will be more deadlier unless  we cut off the root and remove the seeds from Nigerians before it germinates.
Killing boko haram means cutting off their funds,  destroying their allies, background leaders and planting a new seed into the heart of Nigerians. How? By creating Islamic centres in the northern zones that will preach the true value of Islam - peace. "If you can preach to people to die for a cause and they did, you can also convince the kaffir to see the light from your own perspective. You can't earn respect through force." The Nubians accepted Islam through peace after killing most Islamic jihadist because of the morals and manners in which the early jihadist operates.
"There shall be no compulsion in religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in false deities and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. Allah is Hearing and Knowing." - Quran 2*:256

Monday, December 22, 2014


Life as we know it, live as you believe it. Life, according to dictionary is the sate that follows birth and precedes death: the state of being alive and living. Life starts from the fusion of the male and female gametes. Human are created in a tender environment, inside women womb. They form a niche which they thrive and establish themselves. You wonder if there is a football field when they kick. The shows the state of comfort in which they are formed, they tend to repel any discomfort.
On arriving to the planet earth, an environment of different identities and discomfort, the life changes and at that point, it began.
Norm is an expectation in which the society expect each life to conform to; a rule which is regarded as normal. Deviation from these sets of regulations turned a life to an outcast even among his brethren.
The founder of Islam; Mohammed was a man, who was brought up in a world where human lives are sacrificed to unknown gods, a land where the Jewish were proud and self-righteous. He introduced a new religion which does not involve sacrificing human to abuse his god and preach equality among his brethren. A thousand years had pass and the religion still lives on.  He became a deviant among his brethren when the religion was formed, he went on exile. For a man of his own, he lived the life he chose.
We live in the world where regulations were and are norm which are expected to be conform to. Before the birth of religions, in us were natural laws which are imbibed in our spirit. A conscience was created alongside to remind humans and animals alike of the natural laws that are instill in them. It is believed that once the self-conscience stop reminding a person deviating from these natural laws, that soul is no longer of this earth.
Humans are created differently; different race, background and life journey. Should a principle guide people born of different minds? Michael Jackson was born black, yet he lived the rest of his life as a white man. We were created with different minds, we have the same natural laws imbibe in us and we have rules from the religions to live by. But are we living the way we want?
Many dreams and aspirations were cut short, many ideas lies in the burial grounds of this world. These dreams never came to pass because of what was expected of us. Many became slaves to their purpose in life because they chose to live by the world’s identity.
If life is for the living, then we had better live the way we believe life is. Life as we know it, live as you view it. Nevertheless, the moral values and natural laws must live on in us.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

lagos dudes: S2E6

"How could you be So St....."Tunde stopped when He realized He was talking to an adult.
"I'll release your friends” the police officer turned his back and left him with his mouth opened. Does He wanna use this to say sorry for his stupidity.?
He locked the door and left the house; staying in the house will be a suicide mission. He took a bold step, He decide to search for the boy.

Meanwhile, back at the police station, the two other boys were released. Angry as they were, they decided to break lose from the power of suraj by confronting him. Tunde saw the boy at a paraga joint near the boy's street; it was a joint police can't see. Tunde caught the boy from behind.
"Let's make a deal" He offered
"see this were oo, alaye drop my cloth, Na my area u dey oo" the boy was shouting.
"Abeg Na, if Raj should hear this, e go kill me"
Tunde pleaded with him. " I go give you more than He gave u, I go carry oloso give you for one hour..." Tunde was desperate
"Ino fit trust police"
"trust me"
The boy requested for five hundred naira which He took to the street prostitutes’ house. Tunde waited first him till He finished his stuffs; He has decided to keep the boy for himself.
He heard a sound and a groaning sound, he quickly rushed inside.... Lying on the floor with a broken bottle to the head was the boy...
"What happened?” Tunde questioned a person beside him
"Dat boy Na thief, He wan thief money from that ashi, Na him Dat one nab am for head " it seems God was on his side, the boy was rushed to a clinic nearby and Tunde strolled home.
As He was leaving, He saw his two friends with 2by2 planks walking fast towards the street boss
Location .He looked up, suraj was expecting them with cutlass in hand...
Tunde feared for the lives of his friends, but they were out of reach. From where He stood, the two boys were attacked from behind with a similar weapon.
They fell, the blow spent them straight to the ground, their weapon fell. The boss was laughing....
Tunde ran as fast as his leg could take him.
He saw the boss slapping them for every question, he boss stopped when He Tunde.
"T.boy! u wan save your boys"
"Abeg brosie, help me release them...them b mumu , Dem no sabi " Tunde pleaded on their
"How much you wan pay?"
"I get correct info wey go help u"
"It's about that house wey we Dey stay" Tunde concluded.
"say Wetin happen? "
"The owner said He will pay tomorrow "
"see this madman oo, I tell u say inono? "
"u do, But uno say wetin I wan tell u...."Tunde cleared his throat.
"sule oko oba get interest in that house too, I saw him yesterday " He concluded.
Sule is another thug who wishes to lay claim to the area, He is suraj arch enemy because He has never bow to him.
"Hahaha.. dis boy, u too Dey lie"
"if Uno believe me, come see for your eye tomorrow "
The boss returned his friends to him and threatened to break Tunde’s  legs if He find out  about his lies
"you boys are mad, Una Dey make me put my life on the line for Una" He spoke to them with irritation.
"Thank God the blow is not too much that it cause a fracture, Let's go visit sule "
They didn't reply...
Sule Oke was enjoying himself when Tunde and his friends visited him. He looked at them and continue his iyan and egusi soup.
Tunde didn't know what to say, but Sule spoke first " Wetin your boss Send u, Abi Uno
no say I no Una be suraj boys?
"we need your help sir"
“ we want to treat suraj Bleep up, see how He molested my boys "
"if you need money, there is an uncompleted house nearby, the owner wan give suraj 120k"
Tunde told him everything without giving him a chance to reply.
Sule was in deep thought, apart from the money, It's time He establish himself... He agreed and
Tunde gave him the address and walk away with a heavy heart; he had just opened a can of worms. He met his friend waiting for him in front of the house;
"guy howfar, Wetin Dey happen Na" Uche asked.
"I Don enter wahala, I have involved the police and two thugs " He sighed.
"there will be War tomorrow"

Friday, March 14, 2014

lagos dudes S2E5

"guy u fucked up na, Dat wasn't part of the plan" Tunde was shouting at Uchenna.
After leaving the lady, the two had work faster to a point before picking the Marathon race of their life, they met him on the road with their phones and were silent until they reach house.
"you think say na only you get brain?" uche reiterate.
At that point, Tunde stopped talking and they both all forget the argument.

Two weeks later, christiana came to Tunde and asked him a question He has always be shunning.
"what If you impregnate someone today"

Tunde refused to answer the question and played with her jokingly. He rethinks his strategy after the
girl left. That evening, the girl traveled........
she came to him in pajamas , she did a strip party for him..He was elated, they were Unclad, his hands was playing with her womanhood..... He felt a pain from a far, the pain was sharp, He rushed at the figure with one eye opened and pushed the figure away.
He was awake now, the man He pushed  against the wall was the prophet. He quickly grabs the packed bag in the corner of the room.
Uche trailed behind him......Behind them was the prophet chasing them. Tunde stopped suddenly; standing by the gate He presumed to be Christiana brother...He was holding a cutlass.

"Am going to kill you today, you impregnate my daughter and try to kill her"
" she almost died of abortion "

The man standing at the gate dashed towards them, they ran in another direction towards the fence.
Uche phone dropped But He couldn't pick it up. They threw their bags over the fence and jumped
over the fence. Adrenaline surge as the move through the street without looking back.
They couldn't hide in Mohammed shop; the prophet respects him. they couldnt risk it, the prophet might destroy the shop. They hide in an uncompleted building far from the
The house was is the storey building Tunde had in mind. They slept in the house completed boys
quarters for the day only to wake up to loud noise outside. It was the area boss; He was asking the landlord to pay for the roofing of the house. He sight and ignored them.....

That evening, they went to a cool spot; Tunde and Uche took beer while Mohammed opt for a malt.
The three boys were chatting and joking about their life in Lagos so far.
Mohammed felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up, the person holding him was a police officer.
"is this the boy?"
"Yes dad" the lady replied.
Mohammed received two hot slap before He could defend himself.
"All of them " the lady pointed back at Tunde and uche.

Two other policemen joined and the three boys were dragged to a police station.
"wey my daughter phone " the policeman keep shouting while the other police officers give the
boys the beating of their life.

"somebody sent us, Aswear "
"e dey with suraj " the other boys were shouting to the deaf ear of the unforgiving police officer's. Tunde was thinking of a way out....
"the phone is in our house " Tunde shouted at the top of his voice. On hearing this, the beating stopped and Tunde was dragged out of the room.

The policemen took him home with their car and guns, Tunde was handcuffed....
Tunde led them to the uncompleted building that house them, the other policemen waited outside while the girl's father followed him inside.
"e sir, I no fit lie u, d phone no dey House "
whaaps!! two hot slaps landed on his face, He staggered
" you dey play with police officer "
"where Dem born u, u go die today! " on regaining just strength, He talked again;
"I will give u 20k sir"
The policeman countenance change;
"Wetin u dey talk"
" na suraj tell us Say make we collect ur daughter phone, him wan collect 100k from this house owner self as omo onile "
"So" the officer was impatient
" you go help me arrest suraj at the price of 20k"
" the money will be paid by the owner of this house "
the officer laughed..... " you're too smart for your age, what will be your gain??
"any amount you make, I will collect 60% , you know e no dey easy to arrest street boys, I go settle some people too" someone made a sound, they rushed out...

The boy they saw was one of suraj boys; He was sent to monitor the environment
"if you move, I go bury you for here" the policeman threatened him with his gun.
" oga I no hear anything ooo" The boy was dragged into the room;
"if you keep your mouth shot, I go give you 3k or if not na cell u go sleep till we catch ur oga"
"It's better if he sleeps in the cell; those boys are loyal like mad " Tunde voiced his opinion.
"Aswear I no go tell "
They heard the sounds of car parked outside;
"that's the owner, Let me go and meet him" Tunde said and left the room.

The owner was communicating with the policemen outside when Tunde showed up.
"na one of them be that" the point his finger towards Tunde
The policemen made an attempt to arrest Tunde But were stopped by the sound of their radio. shocked that the policemen left Tunde, the owner muttered a curse silently....
"you and your boss Don turn my house into your home; you even have police backing " the man faced Tunde knowing his anger and countenance can solve anything unless He pay.
"Tell your boss that I'll Bring the money tomorrow as agreed and if He ever threaten me, na two dead people go meet God for house"
"How much are you willing to pay to end suraj tenure on your land"
"the policemen here will help you arrest suraj and his boys at the price of 50k"
"This country Sa, we both know suraj will be release if police catch am"
"That's Why you have to pay at that price "
"Ill give them 70 to get rid of the bastard "
They made a deal and proceeds into the building to tell the officer inside
"one more thing sir, Let me be the house agent when the house is completed and before that, Let
me continue to stay in your house, I'll pay when the house is completed"
The man laughed; " can you do the legal work?
"yes "
"No agent fee for you ooo,"
Tunde smiled and they agreed on the terms. The Policeman smiled when He sight them, he was waiting for them at the entrance, he walked towards them leaving the boy.behind. They made plans for the next day.......
The owner left leaving them behind;
"stay here, I'll release your friends "
"0k Sir " Tunde smiled at the corrupt police officer who seems to have forget his main goal; her daughter's phone. Tunde looked around, he sensed something missing;
"where is that boy"?
"Oh I don almost forget, He dey una room. "
When they reached the room, the boy was gone..